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Valid8 is a Blockchain based certification developed for Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) to avoid fake degree certificates. It was successfully tested with 3000 graduates finished their studies in Nov 2018. It replaces institutions with tamper proof infrastructure of trust to hold the reputation of certification.

Just scan the QR Code on the certificate in question, and the owner’s name, degree, photograph and year of award would be displayed for you to verify. No more fake certificates; no more fake graduates!

UMP is promoting this solution across other universities in Malaysia.



Xchain is built upon Blockchain technology to enable transparency and traceability of transactions. It helps banks to captivate loyalty and rewards program that fits 24*7 performance management. Since block chain doesn’t require a middleman,it is possible to build a network in which participants can exchange value, expanding the concept of coalition rewards program.

Application uses BTC crypto and Fiat currency for transactions.

Zyena Pay


Procure to pay solution : A blockchain based solution that helps enterprises to ease complexities of procurement and reduce cost by eliminating manual process. It has been built over hyperledger and uses smart contracts for digitising processes. By implementing sofoPay, businesses can facilitate the processes of making payments to vendors and partners in highly automated manner. It creates a network where trade partners can interact with each other without any restrictions or reservations in a transparent ecosystem.

Zyena Chain

Supply ChainBlockchain

Product supply chain management:

It allows enterprises to more securely and transparently track & trace physical goods as they move from one party to another in a Supply Chain, right from the production of raw material to the manufacturing of finished goods, till it reaches the hands of the customer.

This solution helps the manufacturers to handle fake or counterfeit products by giving more visibility on the product supply chain.

Zyena Insure


VZyena insure creates a Smart Contract of the insurance agreement made between the insurer and the insured. The Smart Contract is coded to get executed autonomously, if specified condition(s) are met, which in the case of a claim are occurrence of pre-defined events and automated verification of the claim. With Zyena insure, an insurer can drastically reduce the operational cost involved in collecting & storing documents and processing claims. Platform can handle the use cases of delayed flight in travel insurance, motor insurance , crop insurance etc etc.,

Zyena Valid8


Zyena Valid8 is the next version of valid8 application developed for managing not only educational certificates but any documents across industries.

One of the key issues that plague businesses across different industry verticals is storage, retrieval and access to data. With the aim to resolve issues related to data storage and accessibility, Zyena Valid8 offers businesses with a common and shared platform for continuous storage, retrieval and verification of data in real time.

Zyena Valid8 is a market ready product, which could be leveraged by businesses for issuing, verifying and storing digital records of educational, medical, socio-legal or commercial significance with ease and transparency.

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